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We are proud to introduce the NEW Evolv Sidekick!  This is the first ever heat infused Sunless Airbrush Tanning System and it's now available in Omaha!  Inspired by cutting edge products in the Indoor Tanning industry, we jumped at the opportunity to offer this in our salon!  You can now get a fully customized spray tan that lets you not only select the level of darkness, a choice of three scents, but also an adjustable temperature so you are completely comfortable during your session.


Shape Magazine - The Hottest Thing Happening To Airbrushing

Bye-bye, icky smell and unnatural orange tint. Evolv. Sidekick ($50; allows you to choose a scent (tea tree oil, coconut and lime or Burberry-inspired) and exactly how golden you'd like to go. But what really sets this treatment apart is its heated formula: The spray-gun nozzle warms the solution, so it sinks in deeper and dries faster. The result? A more natural-looking, straight-from-the-tropics glow that lasts a full week.

Allure Magazine - A Better Spray Tan

At the Salon: Evolv. has tackled the problem of the chilly temperature and long development time of traditional spray tans. A special gun blows out warm air as well as three formulas that prime, tan and moisturize skin. Also packed into each spritz: odor removers and an accelerator option that makes the tan develop in two to four hours, rather than the typical eight.

Self Magazine - DIY Flawless Faux Tanning

When nothing will do but a just-back-from-Cabo tan, go with unadulterated self-tanner, which contains a full dose of color-enhancing DHA. For the best results, you know the drill: First, shave your legs and exfoliate skin with a non-oil-based scrub; then rub tanner on using circular motions and wash palms immediately. If the idea of orangey streaks gives you stress dreams (we don't blame you!), have a pro customize the right shade of bronze for you.

About the Owners...

Sally Barrett, owner of Paradise Bay Tanning, and Dana Burkey, are both Gold Certified Airbrush Technicians that have a combined 15 years experience in the Indoor Tanning Industry.  Both have had extensive training with the airbrush system and are ready to provide you with a flawless custom look that can't be matched in a spray tan booth.  Their customer focus has made Paradise Bay Tanning one of the premier tanning salons in Omaha, and are approaching this new business with the same emphasis on customer satisfaction.  Please don't hesitate to call them with any questions you might have or to book your appointment today!
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